Office space to let in a prime location. Monthly rental includes parking, water and electricity, cleaning lady twice a week, security. Room is 12 sqm with lovely little courtyard.
Our space would be great for a reflexologist, psychiatrist or Adult therapist.
Please contact Esta for more information on 064 659 2314


Chiropractor Kate Phillips went into studio to straighten the team out, well Ben Gareth at least as the rest have touch issues. Kate talk about the importance of posture and alignment, and how we stray from where we should be with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Get the rundown of Ben's pelvis getting sorted out, and Gareth's elbow being assessed. 

Kate's Beaitique is celebrating woman's month.
Book any Nimue facial and receive 50% off Gelish overlays.

Gelish Nails R 220-00 @ Kate's Beautique
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Pilates classes
Leigh O'Brien
083 680 3716