Homeopath - Dr Raakhee Mistry

  HOMEOPATH -  Dr RAAKHEE MISTRY                                                        

Dr Raakhee Mistry
MTech: Hom (DUT)
Practice No: 0807214
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I graduated as a homeopath from the Former Technikon Natal, now Durban University of Technology, in 1999. I worked with Dr Mary Whillier for 2 years after graduation to gain experience under the supervision of an experiences homeopath. I have also spent many years lecturing on a part time basis at the University of the Witwatersrand.

I am a family based homeopath practitioner and a other of 2 beautiful young ladies. I have been in practice for almost 20 years.

My practice focuses mainly on the use of one or two well chosen homeopathic medicines after a detailed consultation. I occasionally may prescribe a herbal or nutraceutical product if needed. My aim is to give as little medicine as possible and to encourage the body to facilitate its own natural ability to heal.

I also include Life Alignment techniques during my consultation which supplements the homeopathic treatment.

My areas of interest are children, hormonal health and mental and emotional well being. Working with children is particularly rewarding especially when the correct homeopathic medicines are prescribed and the child not only becomes healthier, needing less medicines, but also blossoms emotionally and mentally.

I also see many young ladies and woman of all ages for hormonal issues ranging from irregular periods, to infertility, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and menopause. Homeopathic care during pregnancy is also an area I am very passionate about.

Many people are aware of Homeopathy for the natural and holistic treatment of physical complaints of mental and emotional complaints. The greatest reward of Homeopathic treatment is when the patient realigns with their Purpose and is motivated once again. This wonderful "side effect" of authentic Homeopathic treatment.

My aim as a homeopath is to get my patients healthy as quickly and efficiently as possible with the use of the least amount of medicines. My definition of successful treatment is when a patient is able to maintain an optimal level of health without being dependant on any medicine.

I consult week days and alternate Saturday morning. To book an appointment, Whatsapp 083 462 7777.